Friday, August 17, 2007

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Can you believe the summer is almost over! Where did it go! We've bought school supplies, football practice has started, our mornings are getting cooler, and the days are getting shorter. However we leave for the beach next friday, then school starts here 9/04. I'm so excited. You ask why so late in the summer---Well because my little girl is coming home from Texas today. We leave to head up the road in about 30 mins to pick her up from the airport. WE had to wait for our jennifer.
THANKS TO MY BEST FRIEND, TOPTALLY,VEGAS- my jennifer has had a great summer. I think she is a little hesitant to return to this wild house of babies!
We have a new member to the family- after years of begging, my son had widdled me to a nub, we headed off to the pound, and came home with the
newest love of my life: lucy lightening ! She is so much fun! What do you think of the new doo- after years of being brunette- I got some heavy highlights-
I' m more blonde than brown, I'm still in shock. When I looked in the mirror I thought, "there you are, you are still in there!" This is sorta how I wore my hair in high school- so it's been about 15 years since I came close to blonde.
Well we're off- I'll try to update sooner next time!! hee hee
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

new doo!

What a day! I worked yesterday and after work went to dinner with friends from work-margaritas and beer all around-woohoo! After that we went to see Blades of Glory-hysterical.-luved it.
Well when I got home last night this is what greeted me at 9:30pm. My sweet Jillian-
all her long dirty blonde locks chopped off to the scalp. I instantly teared up and she said, "mommy it was in my eyes, and god made hair to grow back, it's ok."
You've gotta lover her!
Well we'll be heading to the beauty shop tommorow to try and get it shaped up a little.
I'm exhausted, today was our first day of spring break together-me and my 4 little sweeties. They have much more energy than me- so wish me luck!
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

spring fever?

WOW-This weather is amazing: sunny and hot one day-then cold and dreary the next-kind of like my moods lately. This time of year I get a little restless. I've noticed my kids do too. Life has been soo busy. Life with a fourth baby has been wild-not so much in a bad way-just hectic.
I think sometimes as a mother we lose our sense of self. Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe,
and then at the end of the day when the house is quiet I remember how quickly time is passing, and my children are growing so quickly. They are very rewarding.(wouldn't change a thing!)
Well on a lighter note, the design team for tallyscrapper was announced today, I am thrilled and honored to be a part of the first design team ever for tallyscrapper! I find lately- not much time to scrapbook, but I love going to the site and connecting with other people who share and love my hobby. It has become my respite.
Well I will download some photos soon- off to get ready for the work week. Monday's are busy- work, kids to school, and then t-ball in the evening. Well hope all is well out there.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Just by the hair on my chiny chin chin!---
Well life is extremely busy busy busy!
Anyone who works or has a family knows-
very little me time!
Well I do have to admit
when christy told me I had eye candy on my blog-
I was really hoping for a little bubblegum shot!
You have to ask christy all about this- if you don't know the undercover
meaning of bubblegum.
However you one uped me with a little making memories treat-luv it!
I survived my week in vegas with christy- only to arrive home totally exhausted.
(boy does she wear me out) My kids are awesome- they missed me as much as i missed them.
My babies fell asleep in my arms that night-no feeling is better than holding your sleeping babes.
Here in virginia- fall is in the air! It's gorgeous- the mountains around me are a rainbow of
leaves changing colors- the air is crisp and cool! This is by far my favorite season-
the holidays are coming and I love halloween! I'm just a big kid. I don't know who gets more excited me or them.
My husband has started a new job- working at night- it's a big change for us - he's on week 2 with ups. Trying to adjust has been challenging. He is home during the day with jeremiah- my 5
month old- anyway keep us in your thoughts . so far so good.
Jeremiah is soooo sweet- He is almost 6 months- smiles and babbles all the time- he melts my heart- even at 1 and 4 am- when he wakes up to chat with me- such a stinker
Jillian is 3- my wild child- she is still having a time with the new baby in the house- everyday is
a new adventure with jillian and her many mood changes- oh the stories i need to scrapbook- I'm sure someday as adult she will appreciate all her little dramatic moments of rebellion
Then there's joshua 6- what more can I say than he is my little prince- just kidding-to say he does no wrong would be a lie-but he is precious!!
Then there's jennifer my 14 year old starting highschool this year- God love her- the hormone are overflowing- one minute she's sweet as pie and the next she hates me. I only hope she'll
stay close to me- she reminds me almost daily 4 years left until I'm outta here- I pray she doesn't run too far. I would be devastated- she's growing into such a beautifu young woman-
I swear she is much busier than i was at her age. Lots of groups and activities. part-time job at
the ymca assisting the swim coaches, between school, little job, and church- I feel like we're running all the time.
Well this is just a little update- I will try and post some updated photos soon!
It's cold outside now - so I hope to catch up with mandy in her new house this weekend for a little scrappin- if I can break away from my crew for a little while.
Hope everyone is doing well- I think about all my scrappin freinds alot- I hope everyone is thinking about a little heidi swapp creative escape next year- any thoughts on are next adventure--Now is the time to start planning ahead...........

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm hijacking this blog!!

Christy here.
Okay we all know it's dangerous to let friends know passwords to blogs because they might delete them but instead I have decided to just hijack it for a period of time.

Tricia you have 24 hours to update this blog. What you will get from it....a lavendar MM 8x8 album, not available in stores, with matching paper and rub-ons. What do you get if you don't update within 24hrs....I will give it away on my blog! Oh the cruelty!

It's 2:40 pm Central Standard Time, Tuesday October 24th and the clock is ticking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Friday, October 13, 2006

silly girls

Posted by Picasa Well are final night in vegas- we went to the bellagio-it was amazing to see. This was after
8 hours in the casino with free drinks all day.
I had some great luck with the slots- and Christy spent her day at the roulette table.
We both won money. Yeah!
I have had a great time, I think you could spend several weeks here and still find stuff to do.
Its sensory overload- so much to see and do.
The lights, the sounds, and all the differant people- its something.
I told christy I'm so glad we got to come while we're still young, -everywhere you look there are
retired folk-good for them. It's been a blast, but I'm sooo ready to get home and see my babies.
I miss them terribly. I have to say my husband has been great this week and he has done a fabulous job-I'm sooo proud of him. It seems as if everything has run smoothly. I can't wait to get my hands on all of them-I get so homesick when away- you know what they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well I'm off for a big day of travel- wish me luck.